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EchoMe Artist of the Week Jul. 23 – Drax Project

The New Zealand pop group Drax Project is breaking the genre barrier along their rapid come up in the southeastern hemisphere. These dudes have mastered the perfect mix of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop producing a lit pop sound. Beginning in 2013, drummer Matt Beachen and saxophonist/lead vocalist Shaan Singh performed covers on the streets of Wellington, NZ. While attention to the street corner duo slowly built, bassist Sam Thomson and guitarist Ben O’Leary were added to raise the bar. Five years later the four-piece band are selling out venues in New Zealand and Australia, opening for acts such as Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Gorillaz, and most recently Camila Cabello on her European tour. Recently signed to the American record label 300 Entertainment, the band now has the same support as a prestigious list of chart-topping artists on the label such as Young Thug, Tee Grizzley, and Cheat Codes.

The name Drax Project comes from the band’s street corner days when they were just drums and sax, hence ‘drax’. This is one of the most unique and unorthodox bands I’ve seen, but it works to perfection. Multi-talented lead vocalist Shaan Singh has an unbounded voice paired with a sensational ability to shred the saxophone. His skill to shift between vocals and saxophone with his talented band members behind him creates an electrifying dynamic. Their individual sounds mesh together perfectly like rugby and drunk New Zealanders.

While some early singles and their collection of live cover songs have been removed from Spotify and Soundcloud, Drax Project’s first EP, “Noon”, released on June 8, 2018 is available on these music services. The five song EP includes “Woke Up Late” which has already garnered nearly 10 million plays on Spotify. Drax Project featured on co-300 Entertainment artist Famous Dex’s “LIGHT”, which was apart of his April 2018 album, “Dex Meets Dexter”. I’m sure they have a healthy collection of music that will be pushed out heading into Fall 2018.

Similar to many artists from New Zealand and Australia Drax Project heavily focuses on their live performances. Their talents and passion is put on display while playing live and that will certainly help their climb when they begin touring regularly and appearing at music festivals. They recently completed their first overseas trip on Camila Cabello’s European tour and the band’s brief July 2018 U.S. tour marked their first appearances in America.

Here are two Drax Project songs plus a video of a live performance of their “Cry Me a River” cover:

“Falling Out of Sight”, a 2016 release was removed from music platforms and is currently only available on Drax Project’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DraxProject/videos/1092392334205366/

Instagram: draxproject (21.9k followers)

Soundcloud followers: 1,041

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 728,020


By EchoMe SBM: John Faus


Interview: Young Bombs

These up and coming disc jockeys have made quite the name for themselves for their remixing ability and fierce live performances. Starting their careers in a failed rock band, Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeier are now traveling North America leaving their mark on all of the biggest music festivals. After announcing that they have multiple originals that they are waiting to release, and booking their first headlining shows, the hype surrounding Young Bombs has never been as high. I was lucky enough to get a hold of the DJ duo for an interview: 


John: How did you guys get started with electronic music?

YB: We’re both from Vancouver, Canada and used to play in a band together. After it broke up, we moved to LA to “chase the dream” of becoming professional musicians. We got work as a back-up band for a pop singer but after the project failed, we were soon without a home and could barely afford food. Shortly after that, our visas expired and we were forced to go home. We were about to throw in the towel when we decided to give it one last go. We put together a few songs and sent them out to Adam Alpert, manager of The Chainsmokers. The next day he wrote us back and told us he wanted to work with us. Needless to say that reignited the flame and we’ve been at it ever since.


John: Who has been your favorite artist to remix so far?

YB: Probably our latest release of Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart”. It’s a song we fell in love with the first time we heard it. Post’s vocals are so emotional that it really brought out a whole new side of us.


John: You recently let us know you have some finished originals waiting to drop, what can we expect from your first originals and what do you hope for these tracks?

YB: With this batch of songs, we’ve really tried to encapsulate the Young Bombs sound with some of our influences from our band years. The EDM elements are still strongly there but there’s a strong presence of indie rock and pop throughout. They’re the most honest songs we’ve ever made and we hope our fans love them as much as we do.


John: What has been your most memorable performance so far and what festival do you hope to play in the future that you haven’t already played?

YB: Our first show opening for The Chainsmokers at New City Gas in Montreal, Canada. We had barely ever DJ’d and had to perform for a crowd of 4000 people. It was nerve-racking and we took our share of vodka shots before hitting the stage. After we dropped the first track, the nerves disappeared and we felt high the entire performance (or was it just the alcohol? LOLOLOLOL). We want to play Coachella, Bonnaroo and all the big American festivals. As for Europe we’d love to play Tomorrowland because the production is just insane.


Read more about Young Bombs here:

EchoMe Artist of the Week Nov. 29 – Young Bombs


By: EchoMe SBM John Faus

EchoMe Artist of the Week May 17 – Whethan


Talented beyond his years, DJ and producer Ethan Snoreck, better known as Whethan, is building upon an already fast-paced breakout onto the electronic music scene. The eighteen-year-old Chicago native has transformed from a gifted SoundCloud producer to travelling the United States alongside The Chainsmokers and shredding his first headline tour within two years. His first release on SoundCloud was his edit of Mssingno’s “XE3”, which now has over 10 million plays. Wheaty continued by remixing tracks for the likes of fellow Chicagoans Louis The Child, Elohim, and ZAYN, and quickly gained himself attention. Two innovators of the EDM sound, Skrillex and Flux Pavilion, discovered Whethan’s raw potential and set him up to start producing tracks of his own.

Releasing fire single after fire single since early 2016, the kid was a regular at all the biggest festivals throughout Spring and Summer 2017. His sets on the Do LaB Stage at Coachella 2017 confirmed his spot as the next up-coming DJ. What sets Whethan apart from any DJ doing it right now is his assortment of sounds. He has the ability to create an up-tempo EDM jam with a big drop such as his late 2016 single “Savage” (feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX), or slow it down and combine indie vibes with electro like his hit single and debut tour’s title “Good Nights” (feat. Mascolo) June, 2017. While most DJs find their sound and stick to it, Whethan gives versatility a new meaning.

With the help from friend and up and coming vocalist Oliver Tree, the future star is producing heat with their first two collabs. In 2016 they dropped “When I’m Down”, which now has over 8.5 million hits on Spotify, a new Pop-style vibe with dope lyrics and a catchy beat. In Fall 2017 Whethan and Tree dropped “Enemy”, following in this Pop-style direction. He has continued down this avenue while producing “Aw Yeah” April, 2018, for the talented young rapper Blaise Railey.

Eighteen years old with almost 5 million Monthly Listeners on Spotify and a plethora of raw remixes and originals already under his belt, Whethan is exploding onto the scene. His style and creativity will continue to push him to the next level.


Instagram followers when published: 65k

SoundCloud followers when published: 127k

Spotify Monthly Listeners when published: 4,699,205


By: EchoMe SBM John Faus